Design and Play - Episode 1: The beginning

February 17, 2017

Welcome to the first episode of Design and Play, a podcast all about education, technology, innovation, design and creativity. Design and Play is hosted by Steve Brophy and Dean Pearman, two Directors of Digital Learning from Melbourne Australia. In the first episode, Dean and Steve share a little bit about their backgrounds, including their hectic start to the school year and then shoot the breeze on a range of topics.  Topics include digital detox and minimalism, falling in love with the self help section at the library, technology premortum as a planning assistant for staff and ways they are approaching the new Digitial Technologies curriculum launched in Australia in 2017.  Each fortnight, Dean and Steve will discuss topics of interest and interview amazing educators and learners.   


  1. NoTosh
  2. TeachTechPlay
  3. Cal Newport
  4. Deep Work
  6. Cofftivity
  7. Smart change by Art Markman
  8. Two guys on your head
  9. Smarter Faster Better by Charles Duhigg
  10. Harvard Maker Centered learning
  11. Maker Centered Learning book
  12. Invent to Learn by Gary Stager and Sylvia Martinez
  13. Brain Rules by John Medina
  14. Gamestorming
  15. Start with Why by Simon Sinek