Ep 10: ILEs, VCE and the Flow state

June 19, 2017

We hit double digits with episode 10 and Dean provides an in-depth reflection on the recent Transitions conference at Melbourne Uni. Transitions was a public research conference exploring research behind the move from traditional classrooms to what are being called innovative learning environments (ILEs) This day included a catch up with our good old friend Terry Byers (@tezzabyers). An interesting insight from the conference led to Dean and I taking an intense look at VCE and questioning the validity of the current system (These opinions are obviously ours and not our employers!). I also talk about my experience completing the Flow Fundamentals course and the great work from the Flow Genome Project. We hope you enjoy the show!

Show notes

Mary Featherston - http://www.featherston.com.au/

Dandenong High - http://www.featherston.com.au/1658/dandenong-high-school-learning-environment-design

Hayball - http://www.hayball.com.au/

Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change - http://www.iletc.com.au/

Transitions - http://www.iletc.com.au/happened-transitions-australasia/

Lee Crocket - https://twitter.com/leecrockett

Problem-based learning - https://www.learning-theories.com/problem-based-learning-pbl.html

Challenge-based learning - http://cbl.digitalpromise.org/

Digicon - http://digicon.vic.edu.au/

Dean's session at Digicon - http://digicon.vic.edu.au/sessions/how-to-make-a-maker-centered-approach-to-learning/

Mastery by Robert Greene - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mastery_(book)

Flow Genome Project - http://www.flowgenomeproject.com/

Rise of Superman by Steven Kotler - http://www.flowgenomeproject.com/book/

Stealing Fire by Jamie Wheal and Steven Kotler - http://www.stealingfirebook.com/

Flow Fundamentals - http://www.flowgenomeproject.com/flow-fundamentals/

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