Ep. 4: Interview with Terry Byers

March 26, 2017

In Episode 4, Dean and I continue our conversations with great educators with our interview of Dr. Terry Byers.  Terry Byers is currently the Director of Innovation in Learning at the Anglican Church Grammar School (Churchie) in Brisbane, Queensland and is one of the leading research voices on the impact of modern learning spaces on teaching and learning.  Terry shares insights from his work at Churchie, the Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage project ‘Evaluating 21st Century Learning Environments’ (E21LE) and the ARC Linkage Project ‘Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change’.  For anyone interested in learning spaces and their impact on learning, this is a must listen.  Terry's openness and willingness to share are evident throughout the podcast and the shownotes themselves are worth their weight in gold.  We hope you enjoy the show.


Terry Byers - https://twitter.com/tezzabyers

Churchie - https://www.churchie.com.au/

E21LE - http://e21le.com/




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