Ep. 3: Interview with Trent Ray

March 13, 2017

In episode 3, Dean and I interview our first guest, the fantastic Trent Ray.  We discuss the topic of 21st Century learning design and whether we should still be calling it 21st Century learning now that we are 17 years in.  Trent gives one of the best definitions we have ever heard of collaboration and how we should foster it in classrooms.   We take a close look at Trent's new initiative, Collective Education, which looks to redefine professional learning for teachers through immersive coaching.  To round out the show, we ask Trent what his go-to application for building thinking capacity is.  

About Trent Ray

  • Founder of Collective Education and Diigital Pedagogies and ICT Curriculum Coach
  • Microsoft Teacher Ambassador 
  • MIE Expert 2015
  • Formally a Curriculum Innovation Leading Teacher
  • Facilitator 21st Century Learning Design Program
  • ICT Peer Coaching Facilitator