Ep 6: Interview with Charlotte Forwood

April 30, 2017

In Episode 6, Dean and Steve are joined by a special guest, Charlotte Forwood from Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar School. Charlotte Forwood (Ph.D.) is the Leader of Advanced Learning at Strathcona BGGS. Her role focuses on advancing the learning of all students and provides her with opportunities to engage with teachers and students across all year levels and subject areas. As a teacher/speech pathologist, she is particularly interested in helping students develop both their oral language and their ‘internalised’ vocabulary. She is fascinated by technology which allows students to collaborate, customise their learning and provide tangible evidence of progress. Charlotte loves tinkering with tech and developing her own tech skills. She is the co-coordinator of the Boroondara Gifted Network.

Topics covered in this episode include:

* Meeting your PLN face to face for the first time

* Being brave on Twitter and reaching out to experts to help your students

* Design thinking projects - Charlotte shares the great work her Year 8 girls did in partnership with Lufthansa airlines

* How boys and girls differ in their approach to design thinking

 * #strathypln - The hashtag co-created by Charlotte, Karyn Murray (@karynmurray22), Michelle Newel (@michelnewel) and Tracey Herft (@therft1) to connect educators at her school to the world of Twitter


* Charlotte's Twitter handle - @talkinged19

* Hashtags to connect with Charlotte and her staff: #imaginatezone #devlangdis #strathyPLN




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