Ep 8: Interview with Mary-Lou O’Brien

May 21, 2017

In episode 8, Dean and I interview Mary-Lou O'Brien, the Chief Digital Officer for Melbourne Girls Grammar School. Mary-Lou is a Chief Digital Officer, a self-confessed Geek, Trend Watcher, Aussie eTail Pioneer, Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur, Global Explorer, Mother to two & forever a student! Mary-Lou challenges our BYOD perspective with Bring Your Own Technology. We discuss the journey from BYOD to BYOT, including the rationale behind allowing students full choice over the device they choose to use for their learning. Mary-Lou shares the story behind the MGGS Centre for Educational Enterprise. The Centre for Education Enterprise is provoking and leading conversations with globally minded educators by enhancing and supporting community and student enterprise. A true leader in the field of education technology, this conversation with Mary-Lou O'Brien won't disappoint. 

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Centre for Educational Enterprise - https://cee.mggs.vic.edu.au/





Yong Zhao: http://zhaolearning.com/

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