Episode 13 Spark talk with Steve Brophy - Are you creative?

September 8, 2017


In the second SPARK episode, Steve Brophy discusses the question 'Are you creative?' Drawing on research and insights from a range of sources, Steve unpacks strategies to help all learners rekindle their creative drive.


Jane Fulton-Suri from IDEO - https://www.ideo.com/people/jane-fulton-suri

Megan McArdle - “Upside of Down” - http://amzn.to/2vJS3DJ

Adam Grant - "Originals" - http://www.adamgrant.net/originals

Ted Orland - "Art and Fear"- http://www.tedorland.com/artandfear/


Anders Ericsson - "Peak" - http://peakthebook.com/index.html

Austin Kleon - "Steal like an artist' - https://austinkleon.com/steal/

Steven Kotler - "The Rise of Superman" http://www.stevenkotler.com/book/the-rise-of-super-man/


The MacGuyver method - http://macgyversecret.com/

Steven Johnson - "Where Good Ideas come from - the natural history of innovation" - https://stevenberlinjohnson.com/where-good-ideas-come-from-763bb8957069

Adjacent possible - https://medium.com/@Santafebound/what-is-the-adjacent-possible-17680e4d1198

Margaret Heffernan - "Beyond Measure" - http://www.mheffernan.com/book-bm-summary.php?location=AU


Correction: I refer to Austin Kleon's book Steal your work in this episode. The book I'm talking about is Steal like an artist. Show your work is another book by Kleon which is also well worth the read.